Shielding You And Fighting For Your Rights

Protecting Your And Your Child’s Best Interests

When child custody and visitation questions need to be resolved, either as part of the divorce process or as a standalone legal proceeding for unmarried parents, every parent deserves representation that will do everything it can to protect that parent’s relationship with his or her child.

Child custody issues can be bitter and can create incredible amounts of stress for the parents and the child. You owe it to yourself and your child to secure legal representation that can effectively pursue your goals while avoiding unnecessary conflict.

The Child’s Best Interests

The courts base their child custody determinations on their interpretation of what will serve the best interests of the child. I understand how to present strong evidence that will clearly and persuasively illustrate to the court how my clients are best suited to meet their children’s needs.

Legal And Physical Custody And Parenting Time

Some of the terms that people need to understand when dealing with child custody determinations include:

  • Legal custody – This is the right to make major decisions regarding the raising of the child, including decisions related to education, religion and health care. Legal custody is often shared by both parents, but it can be awarded just to one parent.
  • Physical custody – This refers to with which parent the child resides.
  • Parenting time – This refers to the schedule of time the child spends with his or her parents. Generally, one parent is granted physical custody and the other has visitation.
  • Parenting plan – A parenting plan allows the court to create a very clear and precise plan for how the parents will deal with various issues, including making major decisions, and with whom the child spends his or her time.

Award-Winning Family Law Representation

At Renee Mathias, Attorney at Law, I have the extensive experience, including trial experience, necessary to help you secure the outcomes you want in regard to child custody and visitation. I commit myself to serving my clients’ needs because I know how much child custody determinations mean to parents and their children. That commitment helped me earn an award as one of the Top 10 family law attorneys in Omaha in 2015 from the American Institute of Family Law Attorneys.

Representation You Can Count On

Child custody determinations can be volatile. Make sure to choose a law firm that understands how to help you. Call 402-590-5255 or contact me online to schedule a preliminary consultation.

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