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The Strong DUI Defense You Deserve

It is very important that you take action to defend your driver’s license and your rights as soon as possible after being charged with DUI. At the time of your arrest, you will receive a 15-day temporary driver’s license. Unless you take appropriate actions, you will be facing a minimum six-month driver’s license suspension when that temporary driver’s license expires.

A six-month loss of driving privileges is a huge strain for anyone. Couple that with the years of increased insurance costs, possible jail and other consequences, and it becomes clear that you need to secure the representation of a DUI defense lawyer who has the skills and experience necessary to fight for the positive resolution you need to defend both your criminal charges and your administrative driver’s license suspension.

Drunk Driving Charges Can Happen To Anyone

Many people who are facing DUI charges have never faced anything more serious than a traffic ticket before. They may not understand the urgency with which you need to begin addressing the problems they are facing. I encourage people to contact me to discuss their situations as soon as possible after they have been charged. The sooner you start building your defense, the stronger it can be.

I represent people who are facing:

  • First-offense DUIs
  • Repeat DUIs
  • Felony DUIs

DUI Defense From A Former Prosecutor

At Renee Mathias, Attorney at Law, I have more than a decade of criminal law experience that includes prosecuting felonies for eight years in Douglas County. That experience can be invaluable when I am building a case for you. It can help me understand how the prosecution may approach your case, and it allows me to prepare appropriately. I will use all of my experience and skills to secure the best possible resolution to your case.

I Will Fight For Your Rights After A DUI. Call Today.

I can help you take action to defend yourself. Do not underestimate the impact a DUI conviction will have on you. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 402-590-5255 or contact me online.

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