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Renee Mathias, Attorney at Law

My firm was founded with the belief that everyone deserves legal representation that has the skills and experience necessary to generate the positive results they need as well as a total commitment to helping them. I, Renee Mathias, have been able to acquire essential experience and develop skill sets that can be of great benefit to people who are facing challenging situations.

I have eight years of experience serving as a felony prosecutor in Douglas County. During that time, I tried hundreds of cases. There is no substitute for courtroom experience. My strength as a litigator not only allows me to win in court but also allows me to negotiate from a position of strength, confident with the knowledge that we can walk away if negotiations are not benefiting you. I also bring a strong background in finance and accounting that allows me to readily grasp the financial matters that are generally a major component of family law issues.

More than on point experience, I offer my clients a dedication to their well-being that I believe makes a difference. I know the difficult situations my clients are going through, and I want to help. I care about my clients. That connection with my clients helps me deliver the high-quality legal representation I am known for.

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Turn To A Law Firm That Is Dedicated To You

When results matter, turn to a law firm that is dedicated to you. Renee Mathias, Attorney at Law, is there for you. To schedule an initial consultation, call 402-590-5255 or contact me online.